Wenceslas Project

The Leatherhead Lions Club Wenceslas Project allows those receiving, but not needing, the Government's Winter Fuel Payment to use it to help others in need to keep warm and fed.


How does it work?

Leatherhead Lions Club have been running the Wenceslas Project since December 2013. The concept is simple: pensioners who receive the Government's tax free "Winter Fuel Payment" but don't need it to pay their fuel bills can donate some or all the payment to those not so fortunate and having difficulty in paying bills, keeping warm and having enough to eat. Of course, others can donate as well.

Unfortunately, this year, many more will fall into this category. We act as the conduit to liaise with the Citizens Advice Bureau, Christians Against Poverty and other charities involved in helping those in the community needing support. All donations are deposited in a ring-fenced account dedicated to helping households keep warm and fed during these challenging times. Fuel bills are paid direct to providers to ensure the funds are used for the purpose intended, so you can rest assured of “good housekeeping” on our part.

Since Wenceslas Project started, we have helped over 200 households to keep the lights on and stay warm, we expect even greater demand this year.

How can I help?

It's simple to help. Just choose your donation method:

Donate online

Donate online here:

Help someone in fuel poverty: Donate online now!

Donate by Post

Please make your cheque payable to: Leatherhead & District Lions and post it to:

Leatherhead & District Lions Club (Wenceslas Appeal)
86 Newton Wood Road
KT21 1NW

Gift Aid

In addition, if you are a UK taxpayer, you may Gift Aid a donation by downloading and completing our Gift Aid form below.

households helped so far

Dear Lions,
I am writing this little note to say a massive thank you for the generosity you have shown me, I can hardly believe it! I am a single parent with a young daughter and I live on benefits as I have recently recovered from cancer. I got diagnosed a year ago and had chemo which thankfully seems to have done the trick! It has had a lot of side effects though, one of whch is constantly feeling cold so your kind gift has made a real difference to us, especially when we had that cold snap.
You have warmed our hearts as well as our bodies. God bless you all.
A single father & young daughter
A single father & young daughter
Dorking resident

For more information, please contact Jim Malynn on 01372 274618 (mobile 07986 252 917). Total confidentially of the client’s identity will be maintained at all times and all applicants will be carefully vetted by the CAB staff for eligibility.