Spectacle Recycling

Do you have old, unused glasses that you no longer need? Why not put them to good use by recycling them with the Lions?

Recycle your unwanted spectacles

How to donate spectacles

Contact us to arrange to drop off your glasses or have them picked up. You can:

  • Email us on
  • Call Jim on 01372 274618 (Ashtead area and nearby
  • Call Chris on 07941 415802 (Dorking area and nearby) 

What happens to the spectacles? 

Donated glasses are sent to Chichester Lions Club where they are checked. If they can be reused directly they are sent to contacts running eye clinics in Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria, and Nepal. In addition, volunteers from the ‘Unite for Sight’ charity are supplied with spectacles to take with them on missions to countries across the world. Alternatively, scrap metal salvaged from broken and unsuitable spectacles raises funds that support the sorting operation and to give financial support to eye-related projects in the UK and overseas.

How successful is this project?

Since the project began in 1967 over £675k has been generated from recycled materials with over £486k donated to sight related charitable causes.