Epsom Medical Equipment Fund

Through your donations, Leatherhead Lions are proud supporters of The Epsom Medical Equipment Fund (EMEF). Run by local woman, Bess Harding MBE, and helped by a small band of volunteers, EMEF raises funds to purchase items for Epsom General Hospital.

Recent donations from the Leatherhead Lions have helped EMEF purchase the following equipment:

Nippy Cough Assist machines
BladderScanner Patients at Epsom Medical Hospital will be helped this winter by the purchase of Nippy Clearway machines. These cough assist machines will prove a particularly welcome addition during the winter months, which usually see an increase in the number of people attending hospital suffering from breathing difficulties. Patients who are helped include those with an intrinsic lung disease, spinal cord injury or neuro-muscular weakness. Those with the inability to clear their chest may be predisposed to chest infections and potentially life-threatening deterioration.

Bladder Scanner
BladderScannerLeatherhead Lions donated £3,500 towards a "Bladder Scanner". This portable 3D ultrasound device, now in regular use in Epsom Hospital's Day Care Unit, allows clinicians to quickly and accurately measure a patient’s bladder volume aiding in the diagnosis and evaluation of common urological conditions. Most importantly, it can help prevent unnecessary catheterisation and so reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infection. 

Dental Plate Scanner
BladderScanner We also donated £3,000 to allow a dental plate scanner to be purchased for use in the Radiology Department at Epsom General Hospital. This machine is a great step forward, making dental diagnostics faster by producing high quality images for early detection of dental problems, and is far more comfortable for patients than the old machine.