New Year Senior Citizens' Party

We hold an annual New Year's Party for Pensioners and Disabled from Leatherhead and the surrounding villages.

Below are some slides the party held on Sunday 16th January 2011, which was a great success. Mike Rushby introduced our visiting entertainers, the Fetcham Singers, who gave us a wide-ranging selection of songs, and Geraldine Horn, with an entertaining selection of monologues and poetry.

  • All party goers
    Our guests gather in Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall.
  • Welcome
    Mike Rushby welcomed our guests.
  • Oldest lady
    Dorothy Brett (95) received a token gift for being our oldest lady guests...
  • Oldest gentleman
    ... whilst Stan Paul (92) received a gift for being our oldest gentleman guest.
  • Fetcham singers
    The Fetcham Singers came to the stage...
  • Fetcham singers singing
    ... and gave us a selection of songs of widely varying type, from Ivor Novello to Les Miserables...
  • Fetcham Singers joining in
    ... and there was plenty of scope for joining in!
  • Tea time
    And then it was time for tea...
  • More tea time
    ... which of course was very well received ...
  • Even more tea
    ... as were the sandwiches.
  • Coinage
    During tea, Brian usually goes round the tables to show the coin design for the coming year.
  • Coinage 2
    On the 40th anniversary of decimal coinage, however, we celebrated by showing the last set of pre-decimal coins and notes, together with a white £5 note.
  • Coinage 2
    Interest in the coinage vied with interest in the excellent tea!
  • Coinage 4
    However, both tea, and the old notes, were winners.
  • More tea time
  • Even more tea
  • Even more tea
  • Cllr Northcott
    The Chairman of Mole Valley Council, Councillor John Northcott, came to see us...
  • Cllr Northcott questions
    ... and there was an opportunity for our guests to meet him and raise any problems.
  • Cllr Northcott senior citizens
    He was also introduced by Ralph to our most Senior Citizens.
  • End of tea
    When, finally, most of the sandwiches, cakes, sausage rolls had disappared...
  • End of tea time
  • Geraldine Horn
    Geraldine Horn treated us to a highly amusing and occasionally poignant programme of poetry, monologues and readings.
  • Geraldine Horn mobile
    Her account of problems operating a mobile phone struck chords everywhere...
  • Geraldine Horn drivers
    ... and the problems with impatient drivers were hilarious.
  • Raffle
    We finished with a (free) raffle.
  • Raffle
    We finished with a (free) raffle.
  • Raffle draw
    Lucky for some!
  • Ending
    Finally, Councillor John Northcott brought proceedings to an end.