Leatherhead Swans

With almost 100 members and 60 volunteers, The Leatherhead Swans Club is the largest multi-activity sports club for the disabled in the south of England. The Lions have had great fun working with the Swans over the years.

Bowling Challenge

Every year we challenge the Leatherhead Swans to a game of bowls at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre - and lose! But this year the margin of defeat was almost respectable, at 7-5! We need more practice. The event even made it into the local press.
Leatherhead Swans Bowling

Fairground Stalls

Then in July six members of Leatherhead Lions took a number of fun stalls to a games evening with the Leatherhead Swans. And fun is what they all had! We took Hoopla, Tin Can Alley, Pull-a-peg and a free raffle. All the stalls were free for members of the Swans, and they loved it. Queues built up at the stalls as members took their turn to have a go. Winning didn't matter (though it was great to be able to win) it was just fun to have a go.
Leatherhead Swans